Joey Vazquez
Penciler/Colorist/Graphic designer


Penciler/Colorist/Graphic designer


About Me

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, but when I started really getting into comics was when I first saw Spider-man, I thought he was the coolest character out there, and I wanted to draw him. From then on I started trying to find whatever comics I could get my hands on! My comic collection started growing, and so did my drawing skills. I later decided that drawing comics is what I wanted to do!
I referenced from many different artists to craft my own style. My biggest influence besides my brother would be my favorite artist Michael Turner.

God bless


Contact Info

Joey Vazquez

I Live in the USA in Iowa City, IA

Phone: (319)-333-8704



Currently my brother and I are working on starting our very own graphic design/comic company Called "Metaworks Comics©"

We have many projects in the works, and are still scouting for more artists to join and be apart of making some of their own dream projects and stories a reality.
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